In order to be considered for placement on a Centerville Destination Imagination team, students must understand that participation on a DI team is a big time commitment and they are an important component of the team. To be an effective team member…

  • I agree to be dependable, make a large time commitment to the team, and attend scheduled team meetings and tournament(s).
  • I agree to work well with the other team members by listening to others’ ideas, by respecting their opinions, and by using supportive, positive language, behaviors, and attitudes.
  • I agree to listen to the Team Manager in a respectful & polite manner, and respond using positive language, behaviors, and attitudes.
  • I agree to contribute to the team’s solution by volunteering ideas, staying on task, and completing whatever needs to be done (even if it’s not what I want to work on).
  • I agree to learn about and understand interference and solve the challenge with no interference. [Competitive level only, grades 3-12.]
  • I agree to respect school &/or private property during Destination Imagination activities.
  • I agree to abide by ALL Centerville City Schools’ rules and follow all meeting guidelines set forth by Centerville City Schools, Centerville Destination Imagination, and Team Managers.



Centerville Destination Imagination, along with Destination Imagination Inc., is committed to creating safe spaces for creativity to thrive. When students feel safe, they are free to express themselves and be their most creative. WE WANT TO ENSURE THAT ALL PARTICIPANTS ARE ABLE TO THRIVE, LEARN, AND HAVE FUN IN A SAFE AND CARING ENVIRONMENT.


All Team Managers undergo background checks through the Centerville City Schools and must be approved for their volunteer position by the Centerville City Schools Board of Education.

Our fundamental safety guidelines are:

  • Allow only appropriate interactions between individuals.
  • Do not allow violent, hostile, or potentially harmful behavior.
  • Do not allow the use of controlled substances.
  • Be prepared for emergencies.
  • Encourage parents and guardians to get involved in team activities while being careful to avoid interference.
  • Keep students safe during team fundraising activities.
  • Keep team members safe while working with tools, machinery, and materials.

Want more information? Please view this “Youth Protection Information for Parents“, presented by Destination Imagination Inc.



It is at the parent/guardian/s discretion if the Team Manager is allowed to contact their child directly through their cell phone / text / email with legitimate Destination Imagination business communication. Please read the following before you make a determination on the registration if you wish to provide your child’s contact information for the Team Manager, as it will be considered your written permission:

Federal and State confidentiality laws forbid schools and their employees from using or disclosing student education records. Education records include a wide variety of information including student cell phone numbers. Staff members in the Centerville City School District, including Destination Imagination Team Managers, are discouraged from communicating or sending text messages to your child’s cell phone. However, we recognize the possible need for brief and direct communications between staff members and students regarding legitimate school business. Parents and/or legal guardians are required to provide written permission to the District allowing staff members to contact their child’s cell phone for the purpose of: answering academic inquiries regarding homework, other classroom work, or assignments; scheduling appointments for school related conferences and/or extra help; clarifying classroom expectations and/or assignments; and notifications related to classroom, club or sports schedules, events, trips, assignments and deadlines. Parents and/or legal guardians are also required to provide written permission to the District allowing staff members to send text messages to their child’s cell phone related to their child’s class work and/or participation in school Athletics or extra-curricular activities. Please be advised that cell phone calls and text communications between staff and students are NOT monitored, filtered or otherwise approved by the Centerville City School District. Any inappropriate activity should immediately be reported to the building principal. If you wish to rescind this consent, you may do so at any time in writing to the building principal.