Please closely review the following Policies, which outline the Student & Parent Codes of Conduct, along with Acknowledgement of Contract Terms.


Centerville Destination Imagination is a 100% volunteer-led organization. In order to provide the best experience for the students, we all need to work cooperatively. Parent involvement is crucial & an important component of the team. In order to be an effective part of and/or support of a team, students & adults must understand, even if they don’t agree, that they need to abide by the following:



I UNDERSTAND THAT I WILL BE NEEDED & REQUIRED TO VOLUNTEER MY TIME, and that I may have to volunteer my time MORE THAN ONCE. Volunteers will be needed for Dress Rehearsal; Round Robin IC/Picture Day; BOTH REGIONAL & STATE TOURNAMENTS; and to participate on the Parent Support Group Committees.

In addition, the Team Manager may need adult assistance during meetings and may require a support rotation.

I agree to respect the Team Manager’s right to run the team as (s)he sees fit. However, I understand that I can talk to the Team Manager, the Building Coordinator, Building Principal, or District Coordinator about things I see that make me uncomfortable.

I understand that the Team Manager is a volunteer and has work, family and personal obligations.  I will keep the lines of communication open and timely with the Team Manager, and understand that they are also trying to coordinate with up to six other families.

I agree to allow the team members to own every bit of the Challenge solution. I will avoid Interference by keeping my ideas, suggestions, and “hands” to myself. The team will figure it out by themselves, even though it may take longer, work less efficiently, or not be the “best way”. (This is a normal part of the learning process.)

I agree to support the Team Manager in any way that s(he) needs: supplying necessary forms/paperwork in a timely manner, providing snacks or supplies, becoming an extra set of hands/eyes at meetings, giving moral support, etc.



I agree that DI is a major time commitment and that my child needs to attend every meeting in order to be a full participant on the team and in solving the Challenge. Meetings will probably be scheduled once or twice a week with more meetings/rehearsals as the regional tournament gets closer.  **The season runs September through March; if the team advances to State &/or Globals, the season will end at the end of May.**

I will ensure that my child is on time to scheduled meetings. If meetings are virtual, I will help arrange technical capabilities for my child to participate. If meetings are in person, I agree to arrange for transportation to and from meetings. I will ensure that my child comes to all meetings prepared to work.

I agree that my child is part of a team and needs to exhibit positive team behaviors that support the other members of the team and the Team Manager. The team needs to abide by the Team Manager’s definition of positive team behaviors.

I agree to know the date(s) and clear my child’s and my schedule for the Dress Rehearsal, the Region 12 Tournament and, if applicable, the Ohio Tournament and Global Finals.



I understand that there is a Registration Fee for participating in DI. Payment can be made with cash; check; &/or credit card via PayPal.

$150 for grades 3-12 (competitive level),
$115 for grades K-2 (Rising Stars/non-competitive level) or
$65 for any Special Stars (special needs needing adult assistance) team participant.
I agree that in addition to the registration fee, I am expected to also pay the Team Manager a portion of the Challenge expenses (“supply fee”), split evenly among the team’s families. These expenses vary according to the Challenge and team needs. Each Team Manager will set the supply fee for their team. The fee is typically $25-$50 and will be collected directly by the Team Manager at a later time. This fee is not due at this time but we want you to be aware that it may come later.
I agree to pay the registration fee before October 5th or the registration will be considered void and my child may lose their spot on a team. If this will create an undue financial burden for my family, I am aware that I can contact the District Coordinators to either set up a payment plan to be finalized by calendar year-end, or apply for a CDI Parent Support Group scholarship to either defray or completely cover registration costs.
I agree that there will be NO refunds given for registration unless:
  • The student is unable to be placed on a team due to lack of team openings or incompatible schedules. If schedules are incompatible Centerville DI will try their best to find a team that can accommodate the student.
  • The family moves out of the District before November 1st (confirmed by the district).