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Why do DI?

Destination Imagination, Inc. recently published a study emphasizing the benefits to children in DI. Through the creative process, kids "learn invaluable 21st century and career readiness skills, including creative and critical thinking, collaboration, project management, risk taking and how to build on their unique strengths." Check out the article to learn more about the opportunities DI provides to young learners.

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Big congratulations to all of the Centerville teams that competed at the State Tournament on April 8. All seven teams were strong competitors and made us increDIbly proud! Four teams will be moving on to the DI Global Tournament in Knoxville, TN on May 24-27. Let's give a big shout out to the CHS Vanished! team managed by Laura and Jose Torres, the CHS Top Secret team managed by Dee and Warren Gordon, the CMS Vanished! team managed by Asfeeya Khan and Doug Trout and the CMS Ready, Willing & Fable team managed by Laurie Sciabica and Kim Nassmacher as they are Goin' Global to present their challenges and meet kids from around the world! Full results can be found at www.ohdi.org


It's time for everyone's favorite event - the Centerville DI DIssert Banquet! Please join us as we Celebrate Centerville Creativity on Wednesday, April 19 at 7:00pm in the Tower Heights MPR. Bring a yummy DIssert to share. There will be juice, water and paper products provided. We will take a few minutes to recognize our increDIble teams and celebrate the success of the 2016-17 DI season. Don't forget to bring your raffle tickets as we will also draw for our big winners of three Dayton Mall gift certificates. It will truly be an amazing night. 


Have you been hearing about the Centerville DI Parent Support Group? Have you been wondering exactly what it is and what it does? The Centerville DI Parent Support Group (PSG) is a group of deDIcated parents just like you that give a small amount of time each month to help make the Centerville DI program run smoothly and successfully. The group is responsible for bringing you many of the events that you know and love - Parent Info Night, Picture Day, Dress Rehearsal, and (best of all!) DIssert Banquet! However, there are many positions on the PSG that remain unfilled this year and we need your help! Being a member of the PSG doesn't involve much time. The group meets once a month for about an hour and attendance at the meetings isn't mandatory to help out. There are several positions that can be done from the comfort of your home at your convenience.  If you'd like more information or would like to speak with any of the current members, check out the Parent Support Group tab